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How do I make a valid offer?

Bids can be made in writing or verbally, or by e-mail or text message. However, we recommend that you always do it in writing, so you always have tangible proof. 

There are no specific formal requirements for making a bid or counterbid. However, to be legally valid, the document must contain certain elements:

- your identity details

- the address of the property (possibly with a short description)

- the price

- validity period of the offer: generally, the deadline is between 48 hours and one week. If the bid is not countersigned within the deadline, it will be annulled.

- Suspensive conditions, comments and special clauses: An offer will generally be accompanied by certain conditions, also called the suspensive conditions. These imply that the sale does not exist until the condition is met. 

And be sure not to forget your signature and date!

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