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How to make a house 'sale-ready'?

1. Very simple: tidy the house, clean it and make sure it is cosy.

2. Clutter creates chaos in the mind of a potential buyer. Hide and/or remove unnecessary things as much as possible because this is the only way to create a feeling of space.

3. Limit the presence of pets or your four-legged friend's toys in the house.

4. Ensure plenty of light (roll down the blinds and open the curtains).

5. Store personal items (photos, mail, etc.) as much as possible. A prospective buyer may feel they are intruding on your privacy.

6. Make sure your windows are clean.

7. Turn on lights in the dark rooms; this creates a light and spacious effect. The estate agent does turn off the lights after viewings. 

8. Open all doors and do not put things behind them.

9. Air the house well before the visits start.

10. Provide a 'final touch': a bouquet of flowers in the centre of the house often works wonders!

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